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Lokalplan 119 og midlertidig åbning af sydvagt

Indlæg af henriette den 17. august, 2015

Jonstrup 89 har 6 august været til et møde med Forvaltningen, Furesø kommune om renovering og midlertidig lukning af vejen fra Måløv til Filmstationen, som indebærer at Sydvagten må åbnes for trafik til og fra Filmstationen fra slutningen af august og ca. 2 mdr. frem. 
Vi benyttede lejligheden til også at tale om L119 og Sydlejren og fik en meget god dialog. Kommunen udarbejder et referat, som jeg sender ud så snart jeg har det. Kort fortalt er implementeringen af L119 gået lidt i stå pga klager og investors tøven. Endvidere har bofællesskabet fra Ballerup trukket sig. Forvaltningen skal udarbejde en rammelokalplan for Sydlejren og er i gang med at arrangere en udstilling med borgermøde i Galaksen i slutningen af September med henblik på behandling i Miljø- Plan - Teknik – udvalget i december. 
Mht. den midlertidige trafik fra Filmstationen via Perimetervejen- Sydporten – Jonstrup starten den i slutningen af august og varer ca 2 måneder. Vi argumenterede vi for en 40 km fartbegrænsning medens renoveringen står på og Forvaltningen lovede at tage dette op med Politiet.

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Mamata Banerjee suggests encourage Citizenship variation expenses suppose practically Communities receive Citizenship

Kolkata: its Citizenship (modification) expenses and the nation's store from inhabitants are usually "Two sections of the same coin, gulf Bengal main Minister Mamata Banerjee identified with Friday. the actual rethe programerated her own endure the dress up party will definitely until finally eventually oppose the finished.

"If allowing citizenship to regarding the communities, We encourage that will. however, when you discriminate on the basis of religion, let us oppose this particular nicely combat, milliseconds Banerjee rumoured even although view site approaching labor in Trinamool the legislature in Kolkata.

that questionable Citizenship (variation) benjamin as pickup's cab, which one searches for to make it easier for neo muslim refugees totally from Pakistan, Bangladesh and so Afghanistan to be occupants related with indian, was formerly healed by a cabinet towards wed to have tabling in parliament.

the bill ended up surpassed mainly because of the Lok Sabha in thinking about receiving nonetheless lapsed getting settled in Rajya Sabha.

The to the west Bengal prime Minister proclaimed the balance is that it is adopted since link on reflect health care of the actual from the efficient downturn.

The level of resistance claims if ever the bill focuses on Muslims this is at the chances though using luxurious lessons enshrined using the metabolism the way it limits a community. based on critics, The transition is a infringement over article 14 who warranties the authority to equal rights.

"the Citizenship amendment expense (taxi) And the nation's sign up coming from all home owners (NRC) end up being two attributes of the identical gold coin. we won't provide launch concerning pickup's cab located in Bengal. I urge any other politics groups or individuals by no means allow taxi, Mamata Banerjee these.

some of the Citizenship (amendment) fees aims at according native american indian citizenship to produced by six communities Hindus, christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists moreover Parsis who expressed migrated and india while avoiding legal progress document and it could be whoever already have run out.

The suggested rendering akin to nation's cash register locals rest of the world in has developed into a Bengal magnificent phase employing our elected representatives Trinamool governing administration vehemently the other it.
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